Best 2 inch work heels

High heeled work pumps should be able to be comfortable *and* fashionable, pain-free and fashion forward at the same time.

Two inches is a minimal heel height for the office, but there are some lovely heels in this height. Best of all, my picks will help you to look corporate slick without sacrificing comfort.

Check out my guide to the best 2 inch work pumps of 2018 below.

WINNER: Margot by Nine West

Best two inch work pumps Margot by Nine West

I know it’s really easy and not very imaginative to recommend uber-popular Nine West heels but the tribe has spoken: Margot by Nine West *really* is the best two inch work heel available right now.

Margot gets the judges’ vote because nearly 300 people have rated this pump on the Zappos review boards and over 60% of them have given it the coveted 5 stars. In fact well over 80% of the reviews are 4 or 5 stars, which is higher than that for any other 2 inch work pump.

Other websites and women I have spoken with agree: this shoe is the shizz.

(If you’re just not a Nine West fan – or are looking for something different – then scroll down for the excellent – and also very comfortable – MICHAEL Michael Kors alternative.)

I could go on, but there’s one word that comes up time and time again when purchasers are asked what they think of Margot as a work shoe. And that word is simply this one: they say that it is “perfect”.

Nine West’s Margot: the perfect work shoe. That has a certain ring about it.

This shoe is also available in a light nude leather color as well, which is worth checking out in the pictures.

Price Introduced Heel Height Leather
$ 2014 2.5 inches, measured on a size 10 yes

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RUNNER UP: MK Flex Kitten Pump

MK Flex Kitten Pump work heels

If you’re smitten by the kitten but want a work shoe that isn’t from Nine West, then I can totally recommend the MK Flex Kitten Pump from the MICHAEL Michael Kors range.

The Flex Kittens are not only highly rated as great for work, but they’re also hot on comfort too. Designer Michael Kors made his fortune in sportswear and his work heels reflect his focus on a pain-free ride.

The key to comfort with this pump is in the name: the Flex Kittens are created with a flexible, foot-friendly shoe design that is focussed on comfort. A lightly cushioned leather footbed plus soft leather upper are both wearer-friendly too.

I’ve checked out some of the cool things that people are saying online about the Flex Kittens, and they include comments like this:

  • I wear them to work all the time, even at my standing desk
  • True to size and easy height for every day wear to work
  • Very comfortable and the heel is just the right height for a long day of work
  • They are amazing for work and look fantastic with skirts and pants. You will not be disappointed and they will be a staple for any closet!
  • Good work shoe for a professional look

However my favorite review comes from Los Angeles reviewer Stefanie E who said:

I walk a LOT between meetings in a large corporate office, and need comfortable but stylish business shoes. These were comfortable straight out of the box! No breaking in needed! The heels aren’t too high, but also are not too low that they look like granny heels…

Stefanie also said:

I’m picky about any pinching, tight fits, wobbly heels, unbalanced feeling, etc., because who has time for pain during a workday? No pinching or pain points with these. These pumps have consistently performed on both comfort and conservative style.

One final thing to note with these pumps is that they’re from the MICHAEL range by Michael Kors. MICHAEL is Michael Kors’ affordable label, meaning you’ll get a famous designer and quality materials but without the absolute high end price.

Price Introduced Heel Height Leather
$ 2013 2.25 inches, measured on a size 8M yes

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