What is the most popular color high heel?

You may be wondering why most of the high heels that I feature on WorkPumps.com are black.

It’s a totally fair question. Particularly since I’m a firm believer that all different shades and styles of shoe are appropriate as work pumps (provided they are professional, of course).

After all, the world is full of color and a colorful life is a good life.

The first reason that I mainly feature black shoes on my site is because I believe that every woman should have at least one pair of black work pumps as a wardrobe staple.

There are a few thoughts behind this, such as these ones:

  • Black goes with anything: it doesn’t matter what color outfit you are wearing, a pair of black pumps will positively go OK with *anything*. That can take a lot of pressure off if you’re having an outfit decision meltdown in the morning. Just put on your black work pumps and you’re done (and clothes too, obviously).
  • Black is sober when required: life is lots of fun, except when it isn’t. Sometimes there are meetings and events where you really don’t want everyone admiring your blingy shoes. Simple black work pumps are the go-to shoe for these events (nude is often OK too as well).
  • Black doesn’t show dirt or marks: our work pumps take a beating, crashing through offices, lifts, carparks, inside and out. They’re going to get dirty and marked quickly. Dirt and marks are harder to see on a dark colored heel such as black.
  • Black is easily polished: it is inevitable that your work pumps will lose pieces of leather and get scuffed, nicked and otherwise damaged as you make it through the day. You can repair this easily with shoe polish, provided the polish matches your shoes. That’s really easy to do with black heels because black polish is readily available. That’s not so much the case with midnight blue or lime green.

high heel collection

The second reason that I feature so many black high heels on WorkPumps.com is that the most popular color of high heel is black. This is the case by a long, long way.

Black is the most popular shoe color for high heels by so far that it isn’t funny. Don’t believe me? Here are some basic facts and figures that underpins that (research last updated in November 2017):

  • Zappos: Of the 4341 heels available on Zappos, 1762 are black! That’s 41% of their whole range. The next most popular color is beige with 266 (6%).
  • Shoes.com: This site leans even more to the dark side – a whopping 66% of their range are black (2257 of the 3400 shoes).
  • Saks Fifth Avenue: of the 624 luxury pumps in the Saks designer range, 350 of them are black – that’s 56%. Saks actually stocks more black pumps than the next 6 most popular colors combined! (Those colors are nude, blue, red, pink, beige and silver, in case you were wondering.)

As if that isn’t compelling enough, shoe designers also concur. Jodie Fox runs Shoes of Prey, an internet-based business that lets customers create their own shoes from over four trillion design possibilities.

Back in 2014, Jodie was asked what the most popular kinds are colors of shoes were on Shoes of Prey. She confirmed that they were a black ballet flat and a black three-inch, closed-toe stiletto heel. Yup, both of them in black.

high heel colors

A final reason why I feature a lot of black pumps on my site is that it is just easier for consumers to compare like with like. So I picked one color and have stayed with it. I hope that is helpful.

Nonetheless, if you’d like a pop of color (or lots of color in your work pumps, I have good news: nearly all the black work pumps that I’vee featured are also available in other colors. They range from neutrals and nudes to beautiful blues, rosy reds and other fabulous shades.

And believe me, I love them just as much as the black!


Image credits:

Top – “Platform City of Shoes” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by cajsa.lilliehook

Middle – “Platform City of Shoes” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by cajsa.lilliehook